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Prénom Magali
Age 25
But du voyage WH Visa
Date de départ 09/02/2006
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Nationalité France
The plan is "there is no plan".
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Localisation : Australie
Date du message : 12/07/2007

 Australia first news

I'm still in Cairns, just doing nothing. Relaxing, doing the laudry of  the last 3 weeks, some shopping, and sleeping a lot. I'm a bit sick, it could be because of the pollens of cane sugar according to the pharmacy. So I can't really do anything except sleeping a lot and sneezing all the time. Not really funny :-(

It's only 20 to 25 degres here, a lot colder than Asia. We need to get used to it.

Anyway everything is fine.  

Note: 5/5 - 1 vote(s).

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Par Céline et Jon

le 12/07/2007 à 21:32:45


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Par Céline et Jon

le 20/07/2007 à 14:53:24

Tu nous manques , balance des news ;on veut tous savoir;)

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Par dodgy c....

le 20/07/2007 à 22:19:18

xactly, where are some news? can't wait :-)

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