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Prénom Magali
Age 25
But du voyage WH Visa
Date de départ 09/02/2006
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Durée du séjour 1 year or +
Nationalité France
The plan is "there is no plan".
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Localisation : Thaïlande
Date du message : 15/06/2007
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 bangkok first impressions

Everything is fine so far.
First 5 minutes in the streets of bangkok, i found a huge cockroach on my shoulder!!! very bad start. I m quite sure it s a thai guy who put it on me to laugh at me.... ah ah very funny
This morning, the malediction of the cockroach continues, there was a little insect on my plate underneath my breakfast toast... what can you do?? i ate it (no i m kidding ha ha i like thai humour haha)
Anyway I'm heading south tomorrow morning, i cant wait to be on the beaches as it s really too too warm in here. 
So far we've just visited temples with andrew, did a trip on tuk tuk for only 2 euros, did shopping and tried to enter a ping pong show but it was really too dirty and dodgy (and cut throat = coupe gorge, nouvelle expression que j ai appris hier).
that s it for the moment, i have to go, return shopping :-)
I copy a text that I find really true comparend to what happenned to us in Bangkok. Found it funny too so here it is :

I wanted to go to a jazz club I had seen advertised in one of the Bangkok newspapers, so I showed the driver the advertisement, and said "jazz club, please." Many taxi drivers speak no English at all, but the ones who hang around hotels generally are savvy enough to speak enough English to cart around tourists, and this guy was no exception. "OK," he said, "I take you where you want to go. 50 baht" (about $1.60). The price was fair, so I agreed.

Where I "wanted to go," in his estimation, was not a jazz club, but rather a massage parlor of the seediest kind. After 45 minutes of driving in Bangkok's heavy traffic, we pulled up outside the place, which looked distinctively unlike a jazz club. "What is this?" I asked. He replied, "First you get Thai massage. Then we go shopping." I explained to him that I did not want a Thai massage (which seemed to confuse him to no end); I did not want to go shopping; I wanted to go to the jazz club. "OK," he said, "I take you where you want to go." This time, I apparently wanted to go to a jewelry store, at which point I furiously stormed out of the taxi. This probably wasn't the most intelligent decision I had ever made, given that it was still pouring, and I hadn't the slightest idea where I was. But the driver raced out of the car, and ushered me back inside. "Where do you want to go, mister?" he asked, exasperatedly. I pushed the advertisement in front of him. "Jazz club jazz club JAZZ CLUB," I said, rather impatiently.

His eyes widened. "Oh," he said slowly, as if understanding for the first time. "Jazz club. You can't go there. Jazz club closed." Remembering my earlier experience, I insisted he take me there anyway, and he steadfastly refused. Finally, after a lengthy argument about the jazz club, and a total of several wasted hours, I asked him to just take me back to the hotel. "OK," he said. "500 baht." )

Note: 5/5 - 1 vote(s).

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