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Prénom Magali
Age 25
But du voyage WH Visa
Date de départ 09/02/2006
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Durée du séjour 1 year or +
Nationalité France
The plan is "there is no plan".
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Localisation : Thaïlande
Date du message : 18/06/2007

 koh toa

I am currently on a small island in the south of Thailand. very touristic. strangely too touristic. everybody speaks english as 70 % of the people here are english speaking natives (english, irish, americans...). On the streets there are pubs, restaurants with european food from burgers to pizza, pasta, even bangers & mash and chicken cordon bleu. this atmosphere is not really what i expected, it s way too much occidental, but the island is very nice. palmtrees and blue see, white sand, and sunny weather, still less hot and heavy than bangkok. less hassle too.

i missed work for the first time yesterday, on the boat going to the island. strange feeling to have no deadline, no obligation to go back home, no timetable, no plan. bit lost. I know i m lucky, and the people who read these lines now must be working and having hard time. but work & routine contains a part of comfort and safety.

Note: 5/5 - 1 vote(s).

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