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Prénom Magali
Age 25
But du voyage WH Visa
Date de départ 09/02/2006
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Durée du séjour 1 year or +
Nationalité France
The plan is "there is no plan".
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Localisation : Singapour
Date du message : 08/07/2007
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Great city. Friendly people, helpful with tourists, english speaking, air conditionning in the metro, clean, organised, polite.... I've been really impressed by Singapore. Just the metro for example : for only 70 cents one way, you have a clean, safe, quick, freshly air conditionned, and easy to use metro.

We stayed in little india in a brand new hostel. Great, even little india is not a messy area as it is in Paris. There s something that seems wrong in here.

The other side is that many things are forbidden here, from chewing gums to jaywalking. I m currently in the airport now with a chewing gum in my mouth, and I risk a 5000 singapore dollar fine (2500 euros).

 It was cool. I had a free chili crab yesterday, offered by the tourist office of singapore for any tourist during the singapore food festival. Not spicy enough. By the way I did a thai cooking course in Koh Phi Phi, I can now prepare my own chili sauce :) very spicy !!!


by the way i did the G-Max Reverse Bungy

The G-Max Reverse Bungy, Singapore's first extreme high adrenaline experience, is located at Clark Quay. Designed and developed in New Zealand 8 years ago, the G-Max is a totally unique experience.

The ride involves up to three people being seated in a specially designed open air steel reinforced capsule. This is attached by US-approved bungy cords to 2 towers. The cords are tightened and then released catapulting the capsule up to 60m in the air at speeds of 200kph. The ride lasts for about 5 mins. "

see photo beside

I m very proud of myself :-) (but it was Andrew's idea)

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